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2 out of 52

Hi ssup! Salam gais, so this update name is not-so-weekend-cause-i-got-paper-and-the-gap-not-allow-me-to-do-my-new-routine. I know it's already Wednesday πŸ˜… okay, so let's proceed! basically, my first two weeks is my final for my semester two. Now, Alhamdulillah dah settle final & cuti sampai awal March gittew.  Doakan result I flying colours! Huhu. I ambil Diploma Perakaunan, UiTM Tapah, Perak. Okay, I'm not suprise if u never know that Tapah got UiTM haha because me either. I only know that Tapah got the famous RnR. UiTM ni baru like for 6-7 years la, and facilities semua baru so syukur Alhamdulillah gila sebab selesa cumanya.... jauh kedalam hahahaha sedih betul but lucky we got ETS so senang nak balik. Memang kalau free, balik je la kerja plus ada geng suka balik so why not πŸ˜›

Overall, my sem two is not that bad. Penat gak lah nak tunggu habis tapi bila dah habis tak sangka dah habis. Standard la, manusia haha. Dah start rindu ekceli haha. I believe that every sem,…
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1 out of 52 weeks

Hi Assalamualaikum, kaifa halukum? πŸ™ˆπŸ™‰it's quite awkward to start over again in blogging after a few years do not involve in this. Last active was in 2013, when I was form 3 which is 15 years old. Start blogging, when I was 13 (form 1). And during that time, semua main blog like follow each other thru blog sumpah blog macam tempat luahan perasaan, hias blog like I kenal pastel colour dari secondary school but we learn it thru coding not specific name sebab nak hias blog kan haha πŸ˜‚ and im not proud to admit it lol you suppose to study la Hafizah, too young for social media. Guess what, now I am unofficially 20 so yes still 19 years old lol. I miss my 2017, there is a lot of ups and downs thru my whole years. Surely, everyone has their own story. People come and go. I believe that they are exist in our life for good reasons.

          My first week out of 52 weeks of 2018, is very relax hahaha NOT SO RELAX CAUSE ON 2nd January im having my final so yes. Sambut tahun baru kat uitm …